Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chamomile Baby Soap

I am excited about my new Chamomile Baby Soap!  A soft, mild, goat milk soap, it is made from chamomile infused sweet almond oil & castor oil.  It has no "hard" oils such as coconut or palm oil and there are no essential oils added.  This soap should be great, not only for babies, but anyone with sensitive skin.

Chamomile infused Sweet Almond Oil

Cutting the soap logs into bars - can't wait to try it once it is cured!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cinnamon & Citrus Soap

The pleasant aroma of cinnamon & citrus soap is filling our home today!  My cousins were visiting and happily assisted me in mixing up a batch of soap.  Thanks to Jerusha for taking the pictures and Jeremy for running the stick blender!
We began with partially thawed goat milk.

Next we carefully weighed the lye and slowly added it to the milk.  CAUTION:  Lye can cause significant burning & is fatal if swallowed.  Always wear rubber gloves, mask & goggles when handling lye & work in a well ventilated room.

The chemical reaction that occurs when lye is mixed with a liquid creates heat.  See those ice packs?  They help to keep the lye from heating the milk too hot and burning it.

Meanwhile the oils, which I had melted earlier, were cooling.

When both the oils and the milk & lye mixture had cooled to 90 degrees F, we added the oils to the milk & lye mixture.

We mixed with a stick blender.

When it came to a trace we added grapefruit seed extract and the essential oils - cinnamon, orange & tangerine.

After filling the molds & covering with saran wrap we placed them in the freezer.  In several days the logs will be ready to cut into bars and cure.  You can find out more about our Cinnamon & Citrus soap and how to purchase it here!