Monday, August 29, 2011

My soap making adventure began two years ago when our fridge was overflowing with milk from our 2 Nubian dairy goats, Annabell & Josephine.  I thought it would be fun to try making soap so I began by reading anything I could find on the subject of goat milk soap.  There was so-o much to learn!  Where is the best place to purchase ingredients?  What should I use for molds?  How should I cut and wrap my soap?  How long does it need to cure?  Should I try to market my soap, make it just for fun-or both? :-)  Once my curiosity was satisfied, I set out to purchase the ingredients and a few basic tools like a digital scales, stick blender, large stainless steel bowl, spoons, molds and a small, basic soap cutter.  And so began my soap making adventure!  Two years and many experiments later I still have much to learn!

My herd now consists of both Nubian and Oberhasli goats.  In addition to soap, my family enjoys many other goat goodies - yogurt, ricotta, cream cheese, egg cheese, colby cheese or just a refreshing glass of cold goat milk!

Through out the spring and summer newborn kids provide wonderful entertainment and fun!  Not long after they are born they are already jumping about and kicking up their heels.  These two doelings are from a set of triplets born earlier this summer from my very first doe, Annabell.
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  1. I have a nubian goat, as well. And two, young nigerian dwarf goats on the way to our home, this week! :) We have to mate Penny (the nubian) first before we will get any milk. I have never had goat milk before...and am excited to start having some...but a little nervous, as well! :)