Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Egg Cheese

One of my favorite recipes to make when we have an abundance of milk is Egg Cheese.  I remember the delectable egg cheese Grandma served when I was a child.  On my grandparents weekend visits to our home, Grandma's egg cheese would often accompany Sunday breakfast.  It had to be shared among grandparents, parents and 6 siblings and I could never get my fill.  Several years ago, while spending a few days with my grandparents, I asked Grandma to teach me the art of making this delicious cheese.  Unknown to me at the time, it was just days before Grandma passed away suddenly.  Below is Grandma's recipe for Egg Cheese.  Grandma used cow's milk but I use goat milk and make my own buttermilk.
Begin by heating 3 cups of milk to approximately 100 degrees F.
While the milk is heating, mix together 7 eggs, 2 cups of buttermilk and 1/2 t. of salt.
When the milk has reached 100 degrees F, slowly pour the egg and buttermilk mixture into the milk while stirring.
Heat the mixture SLOWLY, stirring often.  The hotter the temperature the more often it will need to be stirred to keep it from sticking.  When it reaches 160 -170 degrees F, it will start to curdle.
Continue to stir and allow it to separate until it has reached 190 degrees F.  At this point scoop the curds out with a slotted spoon into a strainer.  Let it drain for an hour or so before dumping onto a small plate.  Cover and refrigerate.
After the egg cheese is chilled, slice.............
...........and serve with maple syrup!  Yum!
Did YOU ever make egg cheese?

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  1. What an interesting recipe. I've never heard of this and I'm going to try it out some day soon. Thanks!

  2. How neat that you were able to get your grandmother's recipe before her passing!

  3. I have never ever heard of this. What does it taste like? I can't even imagine. It sure is pretty. If my chickens ever decide to stop going broody and actually LAY AN EGG again, I will make some. I am milking 2 goats right now twice a day so have plenty of milk. Just not 7 eggs to spare right now. But thatnk you for sharing your grandmother's special recipe. That is so neat that you have it now to remember her by.

    1. H-m-m...the taste would be very mild, and slightly "eggy". =) We have already added more eggs which gives it more of a texture and taste of scrambled eggs. I prefer the taste of the original recipe!

  4. Love the looks of this recipe! As a new goat owner and wanna be cheese maker, this one will be making it to my table soon! I'm featuring your recipe at Weekend Whatever at www.WholeIntentions.com! Thanks for sharing.


  5. I am looking forward to making this recipe this afternoon. Thank you for your insights into old fashioned goodness. I loved learning my grandmothers recipes. I dearly miss my grandmother, but her recipes live on within me.

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  6. I have never heard of egg cheese but Ill have to try it! Thanks so much for sharing on Natural Living Monday! I cant wait to see what you have going on this week!