Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nigerian Dwarf Triplets!

Our first Nigerian Dwarf babies arrived!  Ellen, one of the Nigerian Dwarf does I purchased last summer, gave birth to triplet males!  Everything went smoothly with the birth, the kids all took to drinking right away and Ellen was and continues to be an excellent mama.  

These bucklings will be ready to go to new homes in just 7 weeks.  They are purebred, registered Nigerian Dwarfs and will be dis-budded, tattooed, and vaccinated at the time of sale.
Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings for sale - $200 each

 When they were just one day old, we took them to visit our elderly neighbor lady.  She just loves animals and was so delighted with them!  These two immediately became great friends!

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  1. Thanks for putting up these pics Jesalynn! Now I can see what Trudy told me about. :) Your baby goats look so dear, I wish I could scoop one up right now. Trudy and I spent many hours playing with babies in our barn.